• In favor of Vaping - U.S. Politicians debate (New York State Assembly Hearing)

    Posted by Mike Bartell

    Recent political progress in favor of vaping from the State of New York.

    Considering that other countries (especially the UK) have already progressed to where they are promoting the health benefits of vaping in comparison to smoking cigarettes, this is great news for us here in the USA.

    The New York State Assembly Hearing was held on May 17, 2017 and some of the most refreshing and educated comments in favor of vaping were made by several Republican Politicians.

    Armed with scientific research data, they demonstrated proven facts and more in support of arguments presented in favor of vapor products. It was groundbreaking and a win for us all.

    Here are some of the comments and the full video link is available below.

    Republican Dean Murray

    “Let’s talk about some of the chemicals being brought up as harmful.
    Propylene Glycol was one. Propylene Glycol sounds very scary, sounds very nasty. I’m assuming we all brushed our teeth this morning? Congratulations, you used Propylene Glycol. It’s in toothpaste, it’s cake icing, it’s in cake batter. These chemicals are everywhere.”

    Republican Raymond Walter

    “There are no peer-reviewed studies showing that Vaping leads to smoking. So it’s not a gateway, it’s less dangerous and we’re trying to scare people away from using e-cigarettes – this is only going to keep people smoking. We are actually doing more harm than good by passing bills like this. We are creating worse health outcomes for the citizens in our state.”

    Republican Andrew P. Raia

    “These products are not the same as cigarettes and not all vapor products contain any nicotine. So you can’t throw all vapor products in the same category."

    Republican Dean Murray

    “Nicotine Ingestion from secondhand exposure? Naturally, nicotine exists in strawberries. It is in tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, eggplant – are we going to ban those in public? While I understand the concern about cigarette smoke, it’s not the same thing! We are talking about apples and oranges.”

    Republican Edward P. Ra

    “Some of the studies in England are a little bit ahead of us on this and their top health physician organization are really starting to push e-cigarettes as a potential game changer that can prevent so many deaths that actual cigarettes cause. When London’s top health officials are saying these products are 95% safer, this should really make us take a step back and look at creating a separate category for these products and be much less restrictive with e-cigarettes than we are with cigarettes.”

    Britain’s Royal College of Physicians

    (One of the oldest and most respected medical societies, published a comprehensive report on e-cigarettes stating)

    “the hazard to health arising from long-term vapor inhalation from the e-cigarettes available today is unlikely to exceed 5 percent of the harm from smoking tobacco.”

    According to these statements, scientific publications, vast research studies and more, proof of harm reduction from vaping is emerging and becoming more accepted. 
    This is significant considering the vast proof that exists which clearly  demonstrates vaping IS safer than smoking cigarettes;  some reports indicate  more than 95 percent safer.
    In 1962, The Royal College published the first major report on the harms of smoking - a full two years before the US Surgeon General. Lets hope it does not take us this long, too many lives are at risk! 


    Video replay of The NY State Assembly Hearing on 5/17/17

    UK References:

    BBC: E-cigarettes should be offered to smokers, say doctors

    The New York Times: Smokers Urged to Switch to E-Cigarettes by British Medical Group

    Forbes: Royal College Of Physicians Says E-Cigarettes Can 'Prevent Almost All The Harm From Smoking'

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  • Buy American, Hire American, Support The American Economy

    Posted by Mike Bartell

    Worlds Finest Vapors aren’t like most vapor liquids, and for good reason. We only use the finest 100% American Made pharmaceutical grade components and 100% American Made natural flavor extracts.

    Every formula is engineered and overseen by Ph.D. Chemists. As a result of quality controlled manufacturing techniques – you’re getting clean and consistent product that is produced in an ISO Certified Laboratory right here in the USA. Thats correct, 100% American Made with absolutely no overseas sources since 2009.

    100% American Made Vapor Liquids


    Buying from a 100% USA manufacturer eliminates FDA & US Customs uncertainty you may encounter from overseas products. Things like delayed, extended, lost shipments, and US Customs confiscated shipments that will never be delivered are a thing of the past when working with a Premium 100% USA Vapor Liquid Manufacturer. We are committed to the highest standards of quality and quality control, fast and accurate processing. Our time is spent solely only the research and development of 100% American made vapor liquid, not cutting corners and increasing margins.

    Don't be fooled by a tricky label. Simply "Made in the USA" is not enough! 

    In the American vapor liquids industry you may find the trickiest of labels, but here is a look beyond the label of some of them. It’s important to note that most of these get a ride on an overseas container ship at some point, but will also have a form of “Made In The USA” written on them.

    • Recipes formulated in the USA but mixed and bottled overseas.
    • Ingredients sourced from the USA and sent overseas to be bottled, tipped, capped and labeled.
    • Bottled for an American company, by a company that is located overseas.
    • A company based in the USA that buys ingredients from overseas sources.

    Some of these manufacturers have taken "tricky" to a whole new level lately. Some have moved their "overseas" operations to places like France, Germany, Italy and more. The same operation and lesser grade ingredients;  just a different location. All of this to avoid the dreaded "made in china" stigma.


    100% USA Made. It's the only way to go. Here's what that means:

    • Ingredients – USA
    • Bottling - USA
    • Plastics - USA
    • Location - USA
    • Employees - USA
    • Everything - USA

    It's not the cheapest way to do business, but in our American hearts, it's the only way to do business. As a Veteran Owned and operated company we wouldn't have it any other way.

    By supporting 100% American Made manufacturers, it not only eliminates potential safety and quality issues, you are supporting the American economy 100%.

    Support our Veterans too! If you own or manage a business and are looking for help, Veterans returning home from deployment need jobs and our support.

    These unsung heroes have training & skills that employers can utilize immediately.

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  • On the lighter side of things - Word Search Game!

    Posted by Mike Bartell

    This was posted all over social media and due to many requests to see it on our site in a larger file; here you go and thank you for your support!

    Vaping Word Search Game

    Sometimes we can't find the words to describe the things everyone is thinking about... Have fun finding all the right words to continue the vape fight and dig a little deeper!! VAPING is BIGGER than us ALL!

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  • 100% VG Vape Juice, “Propylene Glycol Free” ?

    Posted by Mike Bartell

    I read an editorial a couple of days ago proclaiming that more and more people are asking for 100% VG due to issues from PG. Didn't we already settle this debate years ago?

    Articles like these try to lower standards and make sub par ingredients acceptable - a practice that is simply unfair to the consumer.

    It's like saying more and more people are asking for coffee/tea without water due to issues found with water in most places.

    Major coffee retailers invest heavily in their water filtration systems as well as only work with responsibly grown and ethically sourced coffee farmers. Meanwhile, you may take your chances ordering coffee found in some food trucks.

    The differences include the type of water filtration systems, the people, the process, and sourcing.

    Does that make it ok to say that all water is bad just because the water in some food trucks may not remove microorganisms, sediment, and byproducts (ie. hydrogen sulfide)?

    In this example, removing water from your coffee or tea completely changes the experience, just like removing PG changes the vapor experience as well.

    Before changing the experience, maybe you should change where you shop.

    Flip the Script! Make your own choices!

    Considering the FDA regulations, the countdown clock to the potential end of vaping as we know it has already begun. Experiment, don't just listen to unfounded opinions; try things based on your own personal preferences and discovery.

    The simple truth is that its about purity and sourcing, period.

    The PG purity level that is common place in the vapor market is "food grade"; its the cheap stuff you get in bulk. Even your local Walmart will sell you some. Its approximately 21% pure (I'm getting an allergic reaction just writing a purity level that low). Add the fillers low grade manufacturers use such as alcohol, synthetics and other things and surely there will be some sort of reaction. Over time for most, and immediately for those with an increased sensitivity (ie. allergic reaction).

    Add the fact that most of that level of product has overseas origins in some form or fashion and that sheds a bit of light on the sourcing issue.

    Food grade also has a sort of funny after taste that is easily spotted to the true vape connoisseur. Just like low grade drinking water has a hydrogen sulfide smell that most can detect immediately.

    The job of PG in vape juice is to create a slight throat hit as well as assist in carrying the flavor. USA made Pharmaceutical Grade has no taste and is actually thin in viscosity.  Carrying the flavor is important when using natural flavors. Manufacturers with artificial and synthetic flavors just increase the percentage of flavor to overcome this obstacle and that decreases the overall purity even more.

    These are traits you can discern with your own eyes even if you do not have a Ph.D in Chemistry. These days a lot of the basic impurities in vapor liquids can be found using common sense.

    Does that unfiltered tap water smell funny? You're probably right that in assuming that it's not the safest to drink and you don't need a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to figure that one out.

    Maximum VG originally started out as a way to enhance the vapor cloud chasing experience. The proper ingredients and percentages are determined by the manufacturer with strict specifications to maintain overall purity. It was never meant to become the standard of the vaping experience as a whole, and certainly was not intended to mask impurities. I personally am not a fan of vaping flavored air and most of our adult customer base would agree as well.

    Unfortunately, the revolution of high standards may not be coming fast enough. Don't allow anyone to lower your standards nor tell you to accept a partial vaping experience.

    It may not actually be PG you are allergic to, rather you may no longer find low grade liquids acceptable anymore... And that is a good thing!

    Do you trust the words on a label or trust the science?

    We think science wins this one.

    USA made "Pharmaceutical Grade" is approximately 99.8% pure. Its the expensive stuff that requires specific sourcing from large companies such as the Dow Chemical Company (this is what we have used for many years).

    Do you see the science? 99.8% pure vs 21% pure. Thats not an unfounded opinion, thats a scientific fact.

    If your next thought is that VG must have purity levels as well, then you're getting it.

    Some of you may recall (during the initial debate about this years ago) how certain brands would actually crack plastic tanks in vape gear. The lesser "food grade" and scrupulously sourced VG was one of the primary contributors to this issue. However, we no longer see plastic tanks these days but that same low grade level of VG is still out there. Nowadays, the detection of this requires a knowledgeable (astute on basic chemistry) and technically advanced Vaper.

    However, Pharmaceutical Grade VG sourced properly, is the highest purity possible and has never cracked a plastic tank!


    There are in fact people that are highly allergic to even the highest purity Pharmaceutical Grade PG, but the numbers are tiny. To put it into scale, over the all years in business, and considering all the units sold, there have only been a couple of reports. For a person with a legitimate sensitivity, the reaction is immediate (within minutes of use). Pharmaceutical Grade also reduces the effect of the reaction.

    If you have ever been to a concert or other theatrical performance that used special effects such as smoke, fog or haze, they more than likely used a propylene glycol mix intended for theatrical atmospheric effects.

    Ever been to a hospital? They use a form of propylene glycol in the HVAC system to clean the air.

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  • Where are MY Vapers / FDA Deeming Regulations

    Posted by Mike Bartell

    Where are MY Vapers?

    In the wake of the FDA Deeming Regulations at the least, a few things have become pretty clear. It seems they think we're all too young and much like some irresponsible young people, are unable to police ourselves.

    First, to our customers, retailers and more, know that we have been preparing for these regulations for a long time and that we are in this for the long term. We are 100% USA Company in excellent standing, are going to do all we can to adhere to the needs of the FDA. We have been in compliance above and beyond since day one (Established 2009) and we have no plans to under serve or to abandon you.  

    At a minimum, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is forced to be a voice for the general public who is rightfully concerned about the Wild West state of things.

    A bit of additional evidence to this is in the recent California action that follows suit with other states by approving sbx2-5 that among other things raises the legal age to 21.

    What a shame that a select group of vapor consumers have made an absolute mess of things, and the fact is that this group represents merely about 10% of the market place. The problem with these 10% is that they make 90% of the noise, 90% of the mess.

    What you do is fine, but take the time to consider the image you are giving people, now more than ever. Just like how adult vapor consumers are wrongfully associated with the negative side of things, some of you 10% are actually responsible awesome people that are now wrongfully associated as well.

    While having fun with vaping can be social and cool, that fun should not come at the cost of reducing the VALUE of a lifesaving / life changing industry to a fringe activity.

    It is without question, unfair to think of the vapor industry as something that can simply be tossed aside.

    Wonder why you always see a picture of a young person blowing a monstrous vapor cloud 8 feet in the air as the obligatory caption image to a news piece about why vaping is bad? 

    Do you ever stop to think what that giant vapor cloud looks like to people who do not know what it is? 

    The default perception (whether you "agree" or not) is that second hand smoke is dangerous, and to the general public, vapor smoke appears indistinguishable from cigarette smoke. 

    When a couple of the 10% are in a car in traffic or stopped at a red light and the general public sees a combined 64 cubic feet of "smoke" coming from your windows, it looks like a giant fire. It appears concerning to say the least.

    What is the government left to do but listen to the cries of concern from the public who thinks "man, this stuff must be dangerous"? 

    These 10% have done us all a giant disservice.

    Contributing factors include irresponsible vapor brands that market solely to these 10%. The complete cycle of low end retailers, not so reputable distributors and more have also been part of the problem. In similar fashion to the 10% just disappearing one day, so will these "companies" as they are not in this for the long term. There are far more reputable shops out there than you may realize. They too have been forced to go against their personal values and make tough decisions to be able to stay in business.

    These reputable retailers have also been wrongfully associated with vape shops that appear "in the business" of advocacy with mission statements that indicate they are here to help adult smokers quit smoking cigarettes and transition to vaping, but have 90% of products geared towards the 10%.

    Collectively, and to the untrained eye it simply looks like more and more vape shops are not living up to their mission statement and are thereby under serving the 90% and perpetuating the crux of the problem.

    You leave the general public with very few options but simply to ponder in concern: 

    Why are retailers ok with selling mini cereal box packaged vapes that clearly infringe on copyright? Why do people buy it? Why did the whole chain of supply provide it? It must be just Money. It must only be profits before people. There must only be about 2 "Adults" world wide that actually quit smoking cigarettes with these brands? How many adult former smokers turned vaper do you see in these situations, actually in these shops, buying this stuff?. What are these flavors actually made of that say they taste like Milk, Glazed Donuts, Monkey Balls, Unicorn Piss, Santa Claus Juice? Who are these people showing up to formal public hearings wearing t-shirts, shorts and sandals saying "I Dont Approve".

    For reference, here is a bit of detail on the 90% that you do not see.

    We are talking about people who have worked their entire life and risen up the work food chain the hard way. They have sacrificed the time they could have spent with friends, family, hobbies, hanging around their favorite store all day, and the like to be contributing members of society. 

    These Adults have been responsible, paid their taxes, and have paid their dues. Some are Combat Veterans, Disabled Veterans, First Responders like Police, Firemen and EMT's. They change the oil in your car, make your coffee, keep their businesses open to serve you and so much more.

    These vapor consumers agree that the market must be cleaned up. They don't agree with some of the approach from these entities, but have always agreed that the Wild West needs to be tamed and have always done their part.

    In addition, we (and many like us) have done our part for many years to do things right, to do all things right. Even at a financial loss. We are solely in business for the 90%, the adult smoker. You have never, and you will never see us with silly flavors, child like nomenclatures, ridiculous packaging, use of trademark infringement tactics and more.

    These consumers have patiently waited for the "fad" to go away and for the 10% to just move on to the next shiniest thing. These 90% of the market place that have been left largely under served and wrongfully associated with the 10%. These 90% who have struggled to quit smoking cigarettes and were finally successful by vaping.

    We are here to correct the stigma that vaping is intended for children and that regulations are in dire need because we cannot police ourselves. We realize that you don’t see us much because we have lives, jobs and responsibilities and don't have the time to chime in on social media every ten seconds. We have voiced how the 10% has affected us and when we see it, we stop and try to educate. We have policed ourselves.

    We support and ask you to support the Cole Bishop Amendment that would change the predicate date allow the reputable, and more importantly, the true pioneers to stay in business.

    We support and ask you to support Wisconsin Senator (and chairman of the Senate on Homeland Security) Ron Johnson in his demand for answers.

    Understand that other countries have a very different view on vaping, including hospitals that have reversing bans against it in light of evidence they are less dangerous than smoking tobacco.

    We ask that you do what you can to help the movement from here. We all support the taming of the Wild West state of things, but ask that you understand that it is only a small percentage of the market that is the problem.

    Below are a few stories that demonstrate the 90% do exist. And to these 90%, it’s a reminder that you are not alone. These stories are also why we, a 100% USA Company in excellent standing, are going to do all we can to adhere to the needs of the FDA. We have been in compliance above and beyond since day one (Established 2009) and we have no plans to under serve or to abandon you, MY Vapers.

    FDA if you are reading this, the 10% will go away in time. It’s the Adult Vapers and former cigarette smokers, the 90%, that need a chance to continue living what we all believe is a healthier lifestyle. It reputable small businesses, Veteran Owned businesses like ourselves, and more that have made a positive difference, that have done the right thing, that have stayed out of trouble to have a clean slate for this day we all knew was coming.

    In summary, the perpetuation of bad business practices is scandalous given that vaping was created out of harm reduction. The 90% of actual long time cigarette smokers have been left unconsidered as a result of these precautionary measures. We do need to try and stop the madness but we are asking to not be looked at as a whole. Vaping can be fun for all ages, however, we do agree that irresponsible greed is purely detrimental. 

    Advocacy starts by doing the right thing to begin with. One does not advocate for fair wages followed by shopping at the world leading entity of low wages. Doing the right thing and advocating your values by your actions!

    In the meantime, some have done things with integrity. That is Advocacy and is not a hindsight. It's a foresight and it's called Ethics.

    Cara A. Mom of 2

    6 months smoke free.  I started smoking in Jr high when I was 13 and smoked for 23 years. I had tried every possible way to quit smoking with no success. I found vaping and a very helpful local shop the educated me on vaping and all the  different options. I recently reached a milestone for me on April 9th I am now 6 months cigarette free. Vaping has saved my life.

    Heather M. Mom of 3

    I smoked for 20 years ... I have three daughters. I stopped smoking because I constantly had a cough always had bronchitis and felt like crap ... Three months since I've smoked a cigarette and I haven't felt this good in years My cough has stopped and I haven't been sick since ... Nothing could make me stop except for vaping... My kids would beg me but I just couldn't stop ...I thought I would smoke forever.

    John, Age 30

    5 months smoke free, been vaping for about a year and a half and smoked nearly two packs a day since I was 13.. Sadly more than half my life.

    I started vaping to get my nicotine fix in my new place which I didn't want to smoke inside of, and to vape at bars without having to freeze outside.I purchased an Ego one as my first vape with all intentions of quitting immediately, but I didn't like the product very much so I didn't really use it often. Later my friend gave me his old castigador and I taught myself how to build rda's. I purchased a subox kit and started using that in the car while at work. My girlfriend never smoked and didn't like that I did very much. A day came where I only had one cigarette left at work, and my vape in the car. I smoked my last cig with a cup of coffee, and never looked back.

    Don, Age 45

    For years I had heard from my 3 children that smoking was bad and they were worried I would die from it. I smoked a pack and a half a day. I tried patches, nicotine gum, and nothing worked, so I just continued with my bad habit and smoked. My oldest son had just passed away and My goal was to stop because he had asked me to. So my younger cousin had been vaping for a while and was not smoking at all, so I decided to give it a try. I bought a kangertech tank and a vision spinner battery and vape juice with the most nicotine I could get, and slowly weened my self down to 3mg now. My doctor says I am healthier than he has seen me, I can breath I can run and I will live to see my daughter get married I am smoke free and I am thankful for vaping it has really saved my life.

    Charles R., Age 48

    I started Vaping because a buddy at work had an old eGo usb stick and offered me a drag because I was out of smokes. From the first draw I was hooked on the idea because of different flavours. I am 48 now and started smoking at 14, the sense of community that I found at vape meets and in the shops is amazing to me and I actually enjoy leaving the house and going to hang with the vapefam as much as my schedule will allow.

    Dan S., Age 49

    I started vaping after my Dr told me I was borderline diabetic and using 2 inhalers a day while close to apnea. After almost 3 years I am free of all those health worries. VAPING SAVED MY LIFE.

    Gina S,. Age 40

    2 pack a day smoker since age 15. I discovered vaping in 2012 with a cigalike device my Mother found at a garage sale. I started vaping just to get nicotine in places I couldn't smoke. As the devices available improved and the cigarettes started really tasting horrible.. I said to myself.. Hey I can do this! I got myself a Kbox40 and some great liquids and haven't looked back. The best part of vaping besides the health benefits is all the great people you meet along the way. Fighting for advocacy and helping the new vapers are the two most important thing we can do! Fill out those calls to action. Make those calls and answer questions nicely and patiently! Remember we were all new at one time.

    James D., Age  31

    I started vaping because I have a beautiful family and 9 month old daughter and I want to be around to watch her grow old. But I also watch my pops die a slow painful death from lung cancer from smoking his whole life. I haven't smoke now In 1 1/2 years and I'll never go back!! Vaping saved my life and I hope that everyone out there that smokes can read this and find hope that there is life without smoking!!!

    Josh C., Age 35

    I had smoked since I was 15 I have lost my grandfather to lung cancer and my grandmother to emphysema.  When I met my wife she said she would never marry a smoker that's when I found vaping. Its been a rough and hard road, but I've finally made it to a place where I don't need cigarettes anymore. I feel amazing now and love our vaping community. I do all that I can to help smokers make the switch and kick that horrible habit.

    Aletha S.

    I was a smoker for almost 20 years. I've been vaping for 20 months now. I've had asthma most of my life and my Dad died of complications due to COPD and my mom has had 3 heart attacks and open heart surgery with 5 stents in her heart now. I have 2 children and I didn't want my kids growing up without their mom. I also didn't want them to suffer the harm of second hand smoke.


    I've had asthma for last 20 years or so been on nebulizer and inhalers. Last year went to a pulmonologist and it was a very different exam and testings...

    He said I had the early stages of emphysema and would be on oxygen in 10 years if I didn't quit smoking. Wake up call. I still smoked though about another two months after the visit when one of my housemates friends came over with his vape pen. Not a dinky one but a real one. It made me think. I've tried the look alike cig sticks like Greensmoke in the past but never worked. One day I was in the 7-11 to get a pack of smokes and the two from NJoy was there and I got the kit instead. I instantly went researching on YouTube and learned about ejuice and vape gear. And ordered some juice and two aspire nautilus pens and never smoked again.


    Vaping saved my life and family from inevitable sickness due from smoking tar. Vaping saved my family, and I want it to be available as it was for me. Advocating responsibilities is a requirement for all Vapers. I Vape, so I advocate every day and night. Smokers need an alternative that works. Vaping is that alternative.  

    Dave F.

    I'm the vaper you don't hear about I'm not hanging out chucking clouds. I'm not buying gimmick juices I don't vape where you can't legally smoke. My goal is to not smoke and help others get away from combustible tobacco.


    I used to have chronic bronchitis. I have been vaping for approximately 3 years. I have not had bronchitis since.

    Randi S

    Good morning!!  Now I would like to take a minute to introduce myself since I haven't done so yet.  My name is Randi S. yes that's Randi with an i.... I'm a 31 year old female who is happily married.  I started vaping in june of 2013 after smoking 2 packs a day the last 4 of the 12 years of smoking cigarettes.  I have been completely cigarette free since September 17th 2013.  I enjoy my life now and feel like educating people on vaping is My life mission.... I will take as much time as needed to explain everything about vaping to anyone, smoker, vaper or either.

    Jeffrey W., Age 57

    Recovered Addict 17 Years sober 11/28/1998 Navy Vet peacetime service 1981-1986 I first tried cigarettes at age 7 and began stealing from my mom and using lunch money to buy them fairly regularly from that point on At age 18 in 1977 I could use them legally.

    18 years of full time use = 38+ years of cigarette addiction throughout that time I have quit for a few days a couple times but it never stuck Tried patches. gum and was on wellbutrin=chantix for a while it made me really hostile. My experience in kicking drugs and alcohol taught me that I would never be able to successfully quit until I wanted to.

    I could not foresee that happening so i was resigned to smoke until I died, then while a friend asked me to look after his condo while he traveled for 5 weeks water plants handle the mail, paper, etc.

    I noticed in doing so a rather nice looking vape device on his nightstand it wasn't like the e-cig I had seen at the convenience store I would learn later that it was an iTaste variable voltage mod and an aspire nautilus mini - I picked it up brought it to my lips, pushed the button and took a drag I immediately thought I could like this.

    I started to lookup anything I could about them I found the nearest vape shop and purchased my own set up an aspire K-1 and a variable mod some 24mg juice and the partial pack I had at that time was the last pack I smoked my last cigarette on March 2, 2015 I have now dedicated my social networking (instagram & Facebook) to advocating for vaping and my experience of a spiritual nature and some military fun thrown in.

    I love the community, the craft/hobby aspect to the building of coils, I am always interested in the latest gear and have something new in my life that is fun, engaging and has a cause to fight for along with it what more could a freedom loving patriot want.

    Scott I.

    30 plus years as a smoker. Been vaping for 6 years. Tried everything from gums to patches to cold turkey with no results. One day saw one of my coworkers using I cigalike product and asked about it. She explained what it was as well as how it worked. I was skeptical at first thinking it was just another gimic. That night when I arrived home I did some research on what the best cigalike product was as well as consumers ratings. I found SafeCig was top rated so I placed my order for a starter kit. On January 20th 2010 when it arrived I added one of the prefilled cartridges to the battery and I knew this was going to be my game changer. That day was the last cigarette I smoked. I have since then advanced into using variable wattage devices. My suggestion to anyone wanting to quit smoking and start vaping is do what is comfortable for you,being and cigalike product or full on mod. Remember vaping is vaping no matter what you vape,be it an ego set up to a full on mod set up. Whatever you us It that keeps you off cigarettes is PERFECT. Your health as well as the health of your family is and will always be a top priority. I wish you the best in your travels in the vaping world.


    I grew up a smoking household where both my mother and father smoked, my mom was a pack a day and my dad was 3 to 4 packs a day so of course I started smoking at the age of 15. My mother and father both quit smoking in 2003 and shortly after that my father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in 2009 and that's when I knew I needed to quit smoking or I would be following in his footsteps. I attempted to quit smoking cold turkey, patches, prescriptions, hypnosis you name it and I tried it to quit smoking and none of it worked until Dec 13th 2013 when my daughter who was 5 years old at the time looked at me and told me when she gets older she's going to smoke just like I do. That very same day I was at a vape shop buying my first set up and I haven't smoked a cigarette since and I've also never heard my  daughter say that again.

    Mike B.

    A former US Marine with a very active military career that later resulted in on-going physical and other not so fun issues, smoking cigarettes started off as a chance to take a break for a minute or two.

    As a Patriot that grew up believing in the American Dream, I did my part to protect our way of life.

    Ultimately I became addicted to smoking cigarettes.

    Many years passed and painfully, I quit smoking cigarettes a few times; but the bad habit always came back.

    I discovered vaping and not only have I been able to reduce the level of nicotine at my own pace, I have not had a cigarette in many years.

    I fought for Freedom, including freedom of choice. The FDA actions are a slap in the face in light of my sacrifice.


    We ask that you do what you can to help the movement from here. We all support taming the Wild West state of things, but ask that you understand that it is only a small percentage of the market that is the problem.

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