Posted by Mike Bartell

I read an editorial a couple of days ago proclaiming that more and more people are asking for 100% VG due to issues from PG. Didn't we already settle this debate years ago?

Articles like these try to lower standards and make sub par ingredients acceptable - a practice that is simply unfair to the consumer.

It's like saying more and more people are asking for coffee/tea without water due to issues found with water in most places.

Major coffee retailers invest heavily in their water filtration systems as well as only work with responsibly grown and ethically sourced coffee farmers. Meanwhile, you may take your chances ordering coffee found in some food trucks.

The differences include the type of water filtration systems, the people, the process, and sourcing.

Does that make it ok to say that all water is bad just because the water in some food trucks may not remove microorganisms, sediment, and byproducts (ie. hydrogen sulfide)?

In this example, removing water from your coffee or tea completely changes the experience, just like removing PG changes the vapor experience as well.

Before changing the experience, maybe you should change where you shop.

Flip the Script! Make your own choices!

Considering the FDA regulations, the countdown clock to the potential end of vaping as we know it has already begun. Experiment, don't just listen to unfounded opinions; try things based on your own personal preferences and discovery.

The simple truth is that its about purity and sourcing, period.

The PG purity level that is common place in the vapor market is "food grade"; its the cheap stuff you get in bulk. Even your local Walmart will sell you some. Its approximately 21% pure (I'm getting an allergic reaction just writing a purity level that low). Add the fillers low grade manufacturers use such as alcohol, synthetics and other things and surely there will be some sort of reaction. Over time for most, and immediately for those with an increased sensitivity (ie. allergic reaction).

Add the fact that most of that level of product has overseas origins in some form or fashion and that sheds a bit of light on the sourcing issue.

Food grade also has a sort of funny after taste that is easily spotted to the true vape connoisseur. Just like low grade drinking water has a hydrogen sulfide smell that most can detect immediately.

The job of PG in vape juice is to create a slight throat hit as well as assist in carrying the flavor. USA made Pharmaceutical Grade has no taste and is actually thin in viscosity.  Carrying the flavor is important when using natural flavors. Manufacturers with artificial and synthetic flavors just increase the percentage of flavor to overcome this obstacle and that decreases the overall purity even more.

These are traits you can discern with your own eyes even if you do not have a Ph.D in Chemistry. These days a lot of the basic impurities in vapor liquids can be found using common sense.

Does that unfiltered tap water smell funny? You're probably right that in assuming that it's not the safest to drink and you don't need a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to figure that one out.

Maximum VG originally started out as a way to enhance the vapor cloud chasing experience. The proper ingredients and percentages are determined by the manufacturer with strict specifications to maintain overall purity. It was never meant to become the standard of the vaping experience as a whole, and certainly was not intended to mask impurities. I personally am not a fan of vaping flavored air and most of our adult customer base would agree as well.

Unfortunately, the revolution of high standards may not be coming fast enough. Don't allow anyone to lower your standards nor tell you to accept a partial vaping experience.

It may not actually be PG you are allergic to, rather you may no longer find low grade liquids acceptable anymore... And that is a good thing!

Do you trust the words on a label or trust the science?

We think science wins this one.

USA made "Pharmaceutical Grade" is approximately 99.8% pure. Its the expensive stuff that requires specific sourcing from large companies such as the Dow Chemical Company (this is what we have used for many years).

Do you see the science? 99.8% pure vs 21% pure. Thats not an unfounded opinion, thats a scientific fact.

If your next thought is that VG must have purity levels as well, then you're getting it.

Some of you may recall (during the initial debate about this years ago) how certain brands would actually crack plastic tanks in vape gear. The lesser "food grade" and scrupulously sourced VG was one of the primary contributors to this issue. However, we no longer see plastic tanks these days but that same low grade level of VG is still out there. Nowadays, the detection of this requires a knowledgeable (astute on basic chemistry) and technically advanced Vaper.

However, Pharmaceutical Grade VG sourced properly, is the highest purity possible and has never cracked a plastic tank!


There are in fact people that are highly allergic to even the highest purity Pharmaceutical Grade PG, but the numbers are tiny. To put it into scale, over the all years in business, and considering all the units sold, there have only been a couple of reports. For a person with a legitimate sensitivity, the reaction is immediate (within minutes of use). Pharmaceutical Grade also reduces the effect of the reaction.

If you have ever been to a concert or other theatrical performance that used special effects such as smoke, fog or haze, they more than likely used a propylene glycol mix intended for theatrical atmospheric effects.

Ever been to a hospital? They use a form of propylene glycol in the HVAC system to clean the air.