Posted by Mike Bartell

FDA Targets Illegally Marketed Pods and Nicotine Salt Liquid

See below for the list of companies that received these letters. Although some, if not all, MAY not have done anything illegal, its yet another list that you will NEVER see our name on.

Last week the FDA sent 42 letters to vape manufacturers and importers asking for evidence that their products meet FDA’s marketing requirements. As mandated in the agency’s Deeming Rule, manufacturers or importers must have proof that products were marketed in the United States before Aug. 8, 2016.

Any product entering the market after that date must receive marketing approval from the FDA. No company has received such approval, and no vaping company has even applied.

Nicopure Labs, maker of industry leader Halo e-liquids, received a letter from the FDA, asking for proof that the company’s Ultra Nic Salts products follow FDA marketing requirements.

“Although FDA has extended the compliance deadlines for the premarketing requirements for deemed products, FDA’s compliance policy applies only to those deemed products that were on the market as of August 8, 2016,” says the FDA letter to Nicopure. “FDA has received complaints that Nicopure Labs LLC may have first commercially marketed Halo Nic Ultra Salts in the United States after August 8, 2016.”

Other major manufacturers receiving letters were Joyetech and Sigelei Vape (both Chinese companies with offices in the U.S.), and e-liquid maker Space Jam. All three received inquiries about pod devices. Two importers received letters about their marketing of three different SMOK pod devices (Fit, Infinix, and Rolo Badge). Because SMOK has no U.S. business presence, importers are responsible for following the rules that would apply to domestic manufacturers.

Complete list of vape companies receiving FDA letters:

  • 7 Daze, LLC – ZOOR
  • Access Vapor, LLC – Cali Pods and Delicious Pods
  • Al Khalifa Group, LLC (MK Vape) – SMOK INFINIX and SMOK FIT
  • All Access Vapor LLC – All Access Vapor E-liquids
  • American Vapor Group – Airbender Pods
  • Blue Dot Vapors – Nic Salts
  • Cool Pods, LLC – COOL pods
  • DripTip Vapes LLC – ATOM PODS and mngo PODs
  • ECBlend, LLC – MATE1
  • Eparticles.Co. – Salteez Pods
  • ePuffer International Inc. – XPOD
  • Ethos Vapors, LLC – Ethos Vapor Candy Treats
  • Fuma Vapor Inc. – FUMA Pods
  • Ghost Pods LLC – Ghost Pods
  • GRIPUM LLC – Skippermilk Pie
  • Hold Fast Vapors Inc. – Air Factory E-liquids
  • Holy Smokes – Holy Smokes Pods
  • Ikrusher Inc. – ALD POD Systems
  • Joyetech USA Inc. – TEROS
  • Kilo E-Liquids, Inc. – Kilo E-Liquid 1K Device
  • Lan & Mike International Trading Inc.(Vapor DNA) – Vapor Storm Stalker
  • LCF Labs, Inc. – Zalt Pods
  • Limitless Accessories, Inc. – Unique Pods and NicoTech Pods
  • Maduro Distributors Inc. (The Loon) – Loon Pods and Loon Pod Starter Kit
  • Madvapes Holdings, LLC – Madvapes E-Liquids
  • Midwest Distribution Illinois US – Edge Pods, J-fit Pods, and Mr. Fog Pods
  • MK Distributors, Inc. – SMOK Rolo Badge
  • Modern Vapor Co. – Caesar Pods
  • Mums Fantasy Factory, LLC – G10 PLUG and DELRIN PLUG
  • Nicopure Labs LLC – Halo Nic Ultra Salts
  • Parallel Direct LLC (The Magic Mist) – Magic Mist PODS
  • Plus Vapor Co. – Plus Pods
  • Pure Cigs LLC – JEMM Pods
  • Purilum LLC – BANTAM Strawberry E-liquids
  • Sigelei Vape, Inc. – KADO STEALTH
  • Space Jam Juice LLC – THE BYRD
  • Spark Industries, LLC. (Cig2O) – STIK
  • Texas Smoke Accessories/Luxury Lites – Carbon Pods
  • Twist Vapor Franchising LLC – sea100 Pods
  • Vapers & Papers, LLC – 3X Pods
  • Vapor 4 Life Holdings, Inc. – Viv Pods and BOMBZ Pods
  • Vaportronix, LLC – VQ Pods

Although some, if not all, MAY not have done anything illegal, its yet another list that you will never see our name on.

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” C.S. Lewis