Posted by Worlds Finest Vapors

It is with great sadness and pain that due to recent laws, it is no longer possible to sell direct to customer (online sales).

This is due to the Covid Relief Bill and the new requirements of the PACT Act and more.

First, we would like to Thank you for your continued support and loyalty. We made it 11 years, and this could not have been possible without you.

Included within the Covid Stimulus Bill (snuck in on page 5136) begins yet another nail in the coffin for the vape industry as a whole.

Due to the complexity of these laws, USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL and all other business to customer shipping options are not possible.

We have studied every possible alternative to no avail.

We have exhausted our legal team since December 2020 (upon initially hearing about the impact to us within the Covid Stimulus Bill). There is simply no solution. Please know that we tried. We tried everything possible. Behind the scenes since 2016, it has simply been an uphill battle in regards to compliance that has been very expensive to say the least.

The entire vapor industry is effected by this.

To read and understand what lead to this decision, CLICK HERE for a really good summary from a global legal counseling firm.

Please note, if you call us and we do not answer, it's simply due to volume. Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible (during normal business hours, m-f, 9-6 pacific).