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New Years Resolution - Quitting Smoking Cigarettes

As the days go by vapor devices, vapor starter kits and vapor hardware seem to become more and more complex. In addition, simply finding a vapor liquid that actually assists in quitting smoking cigarettes has become equally as strange of a journey.

It can get a bit confusing for a beginner to start vaping and make the transition away from cigarettes.

quitting smoking for new years can be confusing
Add to this, the vast and frankly disturbing amount of misinformation and fake news in the vapor industry that is so readily available. To complicate matters further, there are the horror stories that we hear which demonstrate the results of poor choices. Things like allergic reactions, hospital visits from infections and viruses and more caused from low grade vapor liquids.

All of this can make a concerned and educated adult cigarette smoker think it might just be safer to keep smoking cigarettes!

facts versus myths in the vapor cigarette industry

While we have to say that Customer testimonials represent only customer opinions and not medical claims and that none of our products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, and we always recommend checking with your physician prior to starting use of any of our products; we would like to share the results from a compilation of our customers personal stories of success in quitting smoking cigarettes.

We thought to answer just the basic question of what is the initial experience of quitting smoking cigarettes and beginning vaping like for an adult cigarette smoker? Just to get an idea of the first few days of quitting smoking cigarettes for an adult cigarette smoker and uncover the simplicity of proper vaping.

day one of quitting smoking

Day 1: After a tremendous amount of research, I have made a few key decisions.

I do not want to take chances with low grade, low cost products and I understand the difference between artificial and natural vapor liquid flavors, nicotine "types" and grades, as well as the correct nicotine level I think I might need. I want this to work, not just waste time and money! I called the company and had a really detailed and friendly conversation.

I know that I may not select the correct flavor on the first attempt, so based on my own personal preferences I feel like these THREE vapor tobacco flavors will be my options to experiment with. Just to be very clear, I am an adult cigarette smoker. I'm looking for a familiar cigarette tobacco flavor. Not candy, fruits, desserts, sweet flavors and other things. Maybe later I will experiment, but only if this works first!

My order arrived quickly and with detailed instructions.

I setup my basic vapor starter kit device, charged it up (easy as charging my cellular phone), filled it up with my first liquid choice and I am on my way to hopefully quitting smoking cigarettes!

day 3 of no cigarettes and vaping instead

Day 3: I can see why Worlds Finest Vapors is helping so many people successfully transition from cigarettes; this vape juice actually works!

The bottles are clear, I can see exactly what is inside and I'm impressed that they have nothing to hide.

The nicotine level has been very effective and Ive already skipped a lot of cigarettes.

Even though I liked my first choice in terms of cigarette flavor, it turns out that I actually prefer the third option the most. I'm glad I ordered the other flavors after all.

I think over the past 3 days I have learned that I can trust this vapor liquid to function in a similar way to that of my cigarettes including the taste I am familiar with. This basic vapor hardware has been very simple to operate; its official, I just threw my cigarettes away! Wow! :)

day 7 of quitting smoking cigarettes and vaping

Day 7: Uh oh, there was a problem!

Over the last couple of days, the vapor device has seemed to act a little funny? The battery is not lasting as long as it used to and the vapor liquid seems to be tasting a bit different?

I called the company and after another friendly and detailed conversation, we figured out the culprit of my issue.

It turns out that the "atomizer head" (also loosely termed "coil") needed to be replaced.

This is common and essentially the only sort of "maintenance" item needed. There was also a replacement atomizer head in the box of my device already!

Everything is back to normal and I'm happy once again.

day 14 of no cigarettes quitting smoking cigarettes and vaping instead

Day 14: Its been two weeks and I must say I am very excited about this whole thing!

During this time, I've ordered a larger size of my favorite flavor and some extra atomizer heads in case I need to change one as required.

I am committed to never smoking a cigarette again so its important that I take my time and figure out my next step.

I have decided that I need a more powerful device.

I would not have learned my personal “preferences” without the basic device that I bought. I will also keep it because its convenient.

I want more “smoke” (vapor production), more flavor, a larger capacity tank, air flow options and a much longer lasting battery. I do not want a fog machine that makes giant vapor clouds pour out of my car window, however, I just want a little more power, responsibly. Click here to browse some options for more powerful vapor device hardware.

day 21 of vaping instead of smoking cigarettes

Day 21: I cant believe it! I didn't think I would ever say that I no longer smoke cigarettes!

Yes, I still vape and some might say that I'm still "smoking" because I'm getting the nicotine I feel I need. However, I am now in control of when, where, what and how much I want to vape!

I'm not bound by the chains of endless cartons of cigarettes, lighters, matches and more. I will reduce the amount of nicotine over time and at my own pace! Hopefully within a year or two I might even be vape free as well.

Also, you know how as a cigarette smoker, your friends tell you that you smell like cigarettes and you can not really smell it?

Well, I'm here to tell you - I CAN NOW SMELL what they have been smelling and it really is pretty gross!!!


If you are ready to start the transition away from traditional cigarettes and see if the vaping experience can be the same for you; we've done the work of the next steps for you! 

We've combined the a basic vapor hardware starter kit with the most popular 100% USA Made Classic American cigarette tobacco and menthol tobacco blends. A vapor cigarette starter kit at a budget price.

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worlds finest vapors  quit smoking cigarettes and vaping timeline

If you are ready to start the transition away from traditional cigarettes and see if the experience can be the same for you; we've done the work of the next steps for you! 

We've combined the a basic vapor hardware starter kit with the most popular 100% USA Made Classic American cigarette tobacco and menthol tobacco blends. A vapor cigarette starter kit at a budget price.

Click here to start your journey today!