Posted by Mike Bartell

Thank you from all of us.


As we close in on the end of 2019 and usher in a brand new year,  we would like to express our thoughts and share with you a little bit more about who we are. As a business. As US Military Veterans. As responsible and passionate adults. As people.

Worlds Finest Vapors started as a small business over 10 years ago and because of our commitment to quality before profits, we have remained a small business by choice to this day.

Our energy and passion has always been about quality and more specifically helping people. Helping people from all walks of life, their families and friends. It has been a labor of love to develop and produce 100% USA made high quality products that the majority of the industry does not offer. There has been no path for us to simply follow, we have had to blaze a new trail for everything that we have done. It has been a sincere pleasure doing this.

As a small business we are here for you. We work the long hours we do because we want the very best for you. We are not perfect but we learn, we get up and we do it better each time. It has been a great deal of fun to speak with many of you by phone and hear and discuss your backgrounds, interests, in short, it has been awesome just connecting with you on so many levels. A lot of times calls come in with stories that fill our eyes with tears on how quitting cigarettes has changed your lives, a reality that we share with you.

We are not a large, publicly traded company (we do not sell shares of stock, nor do we have financial institutions to report to) and we love that!

People often think that we are an incredibly large business. We are not. We do have high standards, and we are on a mission to offer the best tools for your success.  We wish to let you know that we are here and will always do our best to offer the most effective and quality intensive products in the industry.

When you shop and purchase our products (either directly or at retailers) we hope that you experience the passion and dedication that it took to get that product in your hands. We do all of this for you and we appreciate you more than you may ever know.

We hope you will have a wonderful, safe and memorable holiday and that your new year will be filled with love, happiness and joy.

Thank you from all of us.