Do I need High Voltage for your vapors ?

High voltage or wattage is not required with our vapors.

Our products are of the highest purity, hence there is no need for extreme voltage or temperatures. Turn your voltage / wattage way down as a starting point. For example, on a device like an Evic Basic (40W Max), on the power display - set it down to only 12.0 watts as a starting point.

Another example is with a brand new coil at 1.0 Ohms and a 3.67 voltage device, 13.46 watts or even less is a great starting point. This will give you plenty of vapor production and a great experience.

High voltage / wattage will more than likely burn our vapors, resulting in a sort of burnt taste. By turning your voltage / wattage down you are simply heating our vapors to their intended reaction point.

Do your products contain Diacetyl ?

This is a great question and we're so glad to see more people learning about the bad stuff that's out there! We have been waiting years for this day to come.

Rest assured, we do not add any of that kind of stuff to any our products. Nor are there any "chemical reactions" that create that stuff in our products.

Just the finest and highest purity, 100% USA made ingredients. Produced in an ISO Certified lab and all formulas overseen by Ph.D Chemists.

I'm a new customer and your new to vaping page suggests using a new tank and a new coil/atomizer when using your products for the first time

Due to the impurities found in most other liquids, cleaning your tank/system will not work. If you attempt to simply fill a used tank that has residue from synthetics, artificial flavors, pesticide grade nicotine and other low end chemicals our superior product will not taste, nor function as intended.

It’s like putting diesel gas in a car that requires unleaded – it just doesn't work.

Join us in putting your health, safety and satisfaction first!

Your bottle says that I need to shake well before using why is that? 

Natural oils and extracts can separate during shipping and resting, therefore you must shake well prior to use. Unlike most, we do not use bonding agents, alcohol, preservatives or other stabilizing chemicals.

Why is your largest size only 50ML? 

Being 100% Made In The USA also means that our plastics are USA made. We use a High Density PET Bottle (Medical Grade Polyethylene Terephthalate) and the largest size currently available is 50ML. The alternative to this is what is commonplace from overseas that is made from LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene). Thats the soft, rubbery stuff that you see all over the place.

Heres another way to think of it; when PET is recycled, it's used for consumable goods packaging like water bottles. When LDPE is recycled, it turns into non-consumable items such as trash cans. Is it safe to store your favorite vapor liquid in a trash can? We don't think so.

Why is your nicotine so much stronger and more effective than other brands I've tried? 

We use the highest purity grade, USA made, Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine. It is very potent and equivalent to that of nicotine patches and gums. Other brands of vapor liquids may have the lesser grade that is actually used as a pesticide. Yes, in pesticides its the nicotine that is one of the active ingredients that kills bugs and weeds.

One indication of pesticide grade nicotine from a consumer perspective are complaints about not feeling the nicotine, continuing to smoke cigarettes while vaping, thinking you need much higher nicotine levels than are actually appropriate.

You can overdose on nicotine. Nicotine can be fatal. When making your purchase from us, its best to err on the conservative side.

Since we use a USA made, high purity, pharmaceutical  grade nicotine, it is very potent. 0.6% (6mg) may be more than enough for someone that is used to 1.2% (12mg) from other brands.

Your product seems to be more consistent than some of the other vapor companies I have tried. Why is that? 

It starts with natural flavors extracts and a solid understanding of proper manufacturing that makes this happen. Next, our formulas are scientifically validated by Ph.D. Chemists with heavy focus on quality control and consistency. Finally, we do not use any synthetics, therefore there is nothing to disrupt the foundation of our blends. Ultimately, its the attention to every single detail that makes all the difference. All you have to do is shake well from time to time prior to use and it will be good to the last drop.

I find that my tank / clearomizer / coil stays really clean and actually last longer with your products. Why is that?

A lot of other companies use synthetics and other low grade chemicals from overseas. Sure, some of them can actually taste fabulous, but is the taste of something worth the risk of consuming who know what else? Trust me, as a manufacturer we know exactly how to make the worst of chemicals taste wonderful. Its our ethics and commitment to customers that keeps us from taking the low road like that.

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” C.S. Lewis

We have seen atomizer heads / coils with holes in them after only a few ml's of use with low end brands of vapor liquid. If a liquid is melting your atomizer head /coils that is a sure sign that there is a problem. Additionally, if you quit smoking cigarettes to get away from harmful carcinogens and other yucky stuff, one might say that low end brands are along the same lines of all that yucky cigarette stuff.

Why do you not accept Paypal as a method of payment?

Taking paypal for vapor liquids is a violation of paypal's acceptable use policy. While others may choose to illegally accept paypal, we do not.

When to contact us if your tracking number shows no movement.

For USA shipments, every order gets a USPS tracking number (free shipping or paid), if there is no movement within the USPS system after 2 days of placing your order, please contact us so that we may attempt to resolve the issue with the US Postal Service.

Examples of no movement are:

  • "your item departed our USPS facility..." (with no reasonable status change)
  • "delayed at a processing center" (with no severe weather issues)
  • "in transit to the destination" (with no reasonable status change)

More information on shipping and handling.

What is an ISO Certified Laboratory? And why is the "way" something is manufactured important?

During the initial advent of this industry, it was scary to learn that so many people were making vapor liquids themselves. You can even find amateur videos on how to do it and the basic ingredients you need. People were mixing them in their bathtub, their sink, in buckets, pretty much anywhere and in anything they could find.

If you are not a Chemist, nor do you understand long term chemical and physical reactions, making vapor liquids yourself is just a bad idea. Selling them to people is even worse.

Imagine what would happen if you accidentally spilled your nicotine supply and it got all over yourself? Well, to keep it short - that could be fatal. We've heard stories like "my PG is pharmaceutical grade; I buy it from the hospital". You know what, that hospital uses a 6% pure PG in the HVAC system and simply buying it from a hospital does not make it "pharmaceutical grade". Pharmaceutical Grade PG is actually 99.5% pure.

ISO Certification is not a requirement, its something we acquired on our own to do an even better job at what we're already really good at. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) gives state of the art specifications for products, services and best practices.

For example, each Lot Number has about 14 pages of paperwork that tells us every single thing about that Lot. From ingredients to equipment calibrations and more.

We often simulate product recalls just to stress out the systems to make sure we are ready for anything.

The bottom line is we conform to standards that help us improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our manufacturing and company operations with your health and safety being the number one concern.

What can I do to get more involved and help with Advocacy?

The most reputable association that we know of is the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternates Association (CASAA). This entity really has done a lot and they continue to do so daily. They work on Federal, State and Local issues are usually the first ones to hear about things going on.

Check out CASAA Calls To Action and see how you can get involved today! 

Your financial support of their cause goes a long way too; Donate to CASAA.