In September (2020), the final phase of some difficult FDA requirements were due. If companies did not complete this action, they then had to begin the process of not selling in the USA.

We completed this action on time, hence why we are still here.

We are referring to FDA Premarket Tobacco Product Application "PMTA" submissions.

The issue with vapor hardware today is determining what products are legally for sale. 

As far as we can discern, a large portion of hardware manufacturers (of the types of hardware that we as adults are used to) did not file, and some have even closed their USA offices.

Which means that we can not legally sell those items.

What does this mean long term?

Its time for us all to make a change in devices.

The "generation" of vapor hardware that manufacturers did file their PMTA with are a bit different than we are all used to. They seem to gambling that the FDA will be ok with pod based systems and that the FDA may force a move away from open type systems. PMTA submissions are very expensive and time consuming. For example, we worked on ours for over four years. So when we say "gamble", its more of a seriously educated guess.

Think of an "open system" as a device in which its tank can be completely exposed.

Where with a pod, you can not completely access the liquid contents.

If you are used to open systems, stock up now. Coils, atomizers and other replacement parts have been difficult for us to locate through legal channels.

However, be very careful where you find these items. A. If the manufacturer did not file, they should not be for sale in the first place. B. You can bet that black market items (clones, fakes and more) will be out there. The majority of vapor retailers simply source from low level distributors and not manufacturer direct. Correct, even though this industry has been in full swing for over a  decade, these retailers still gamble on authenticity and product quality. For example, the retailers of our liquids purchase from us directly. Yes, there are a handful of reputable retailers out there.

 What is a Pod System

pod vapor device is based on a two-part system: 1. a pod filled with vape juice that snaps into 2. a housing with a battery and electronics.

worlds finest vapors explains pod systems


They started off years ago where the pod was pre-filled and disposable. You vaped until the liquid was consumed and then discarded the pod to never reuse it again.

Today, they are available in pre-filled, disposable as well as refillable designs. Refillable, meaning just like the older generation hardware, you can refill it your self.

Today, most newer pod vapes, also referred to as vape pods, mini vapes or pod systems, are designed for former cigarette smokers that are used to "mouth to lung" inhale. We are not the people looking for giant clouds or playing games with vaping.

Hopefully you're saying - ok cool, I get the basics and this doesn't sound too bad really. If have questions up to this point, just give us a call and we would be happy to help.


We know of at least one company that has taken pod systems quite seriously.

Vaporesso seems to be a leader when it comes to innovation and the advancement of pod based systems.

In addition, they did in fact submit their PMTA's on select devices.

They developed a proprietary and advanced circuit board and chipset (the electronics within the housing) that establishes the foundation for various power levels, coil resistance levels and more.

That alone bridges the gap between the previous hardware generation and the pod system in general.

They developed a "Press To Fill" (PTF®) system that not only aims to eliminate leaks (which plagued the original pod designs), it automatically locks itself after filling which makes it childproof.

With PTF, it has an inner spring that creates a tight seal which eliminates spills and mess, but also eliminates the need for rubber seals and caps of the previous generation.

vaporesso press to fill system inner springs


Hopefully by now you are thinking this pod thing does not seem too bad at all. In fact, it seems worth a try! 

If so, this is where our months of research comes into play.

vaporesso devices on worlds finest vapors with pm40

The Vaporesso pod hardware that we have for sale has been tested, tested some more and then tested again.

With the goal of simplicity and functionality on 3 levels.

We focused on the beginner, the intermediate vaper and the veteran vaper.

For the beginner, we think that the Vaporesso Renova Zero "Care Edition" is a good choice.

It's small, delivers great flavor, its simple, and its low-cost to maintain. "Care Edition" means that it comes with an additional 1.0 ohm resistance "mesh" pod as well as the "standard edition" 1.3 ohm "ccell" pod.

While you can refill the pod yourself, you can not change the coil inside. Hence, you must replace the entire pod from time to time.

See more details here.

For the next level up, we think that the Vaporesso XROS is a good choice.

The differences between the Zero and the XROS in simple terms are the following:

  • Airflow adjustments
  • Larger battery
  • Different resistance level pods

It's small, delivers great flavor, its simple, and its low-cost to maintain.

While you can refill the pod yourself, you can not change the coil inside. Hence, you must replace the entire pod from time to time.

See more details here.

And finally, for the next level up, we think that the Vaporesso Luxe PM40 is a good choice.

The differences between the XROS in simple terms are the following:

  • Increased Airflow adjustments
  • Wattage Adjustments
  • Much Larger battery
  • Different resistance level coils that can be replaced
  • Additional Pods as a choice, not a need.
  • OLED Screen

It's small, delivers great flavor, its simple, and its low-cost to maintain.

Not only can you refill the pod yourself, you can change the coil inside. Hence, you do not need to replace the entire pod, however, you do need to replace the coils from time to time. Just like the previous generation hardware devices.

See more details here.

Last but not least.

A company that been around for a long time. We previously avoided them due to the incredible amount of clones and fakes available from lower tier distribution channels (those are the common distributors that the majority of vapor shops use) and we did not want to be associated with that stuff in any way, shape, or form.

We tested these from a secure, high level source and it's a good device for sure.

For the more advanced user that is considering the Vaporesso Luxe PM40 above, this is along those same lines with minor differences.

Smok RPM Lite 40 Watt Pod Kit

smok RPM Lite kit

  • It does not have Airflow adjustments (but is factory set very well)
  • It does not have the additional technologies of the Luxe (anti leaking, flavor boosting, etc)
  • Wattage Adjustments
  • Smaller battery (1250 mAh) than the Luxe
  • Different resistance level coils that can be replaced
  • Additional Pods as a choice, not a need
  • TFT display screen for some basic visual data
  • Round mouth piece tip

See more details here.

As always, we are here to help.

Give us a call if you have questions or just want to chat. We love hearing from our customers. Matter of fact, its the stories from our customers that give us the motivation to continue fighting this battle.