January 3, 2022.

Due to lobbying efforts and the state of current politics, in March 2021, our industry was dealt a drastic blow that was hidden within the "covid relief bill" on page 5136.

Since then, the FDA has clearly demonstrated what side of things they are on.

For example, after functioning in accordance with every rule since the day we started, including University study participation, multiple costly bottling and labeling changes, compliance with all mandates, guidelines and restrictions (to this day, we have never received a FDA warning letter, nor any infraction from any other governing entity), followed by countless hours and expense in preparation of our PMTA (Pre Market Tobacco Application), as well as submitting our complete package before the deadline, the only PMTA's that were approved by the FDA were those of Big Tobacco.

Since then, in order to help our customers, we made every effort to hang in there.

We ended up having to deal directly with the dark side of this industry that we fought hard against for many years.

Now due to a loophole, to stay in business (for a limited time until the next round of political efforts) we would have to knowingly subject our customers to synthetics, other potential impurities, and partner with people who we are not in alignment with ethically.

Today, we must put our principles before our passion.

If we can not proceed with ethics and integrity, we simply can not proceed.

After many painful internal meetings, trying to figure out every possibility, we must now, after 12 years, close our doors for good.

We would like to thank every customer, retailer, and anyone that supported our fight to do things right for so many years. Simply put, the bad guys won this battle and we are no longer in a position to continue to fight. 

If you would like to support the next chapter for us, since we can no longer help people, we are now helping pets. Visit Kos Tonics to learn more about Pet Supplements done properly.

With a heavy heart and gratitude,

Thank you from Worlds Finest Vapors

Thank you