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December 7th, 2016: In accordance with the original FDA Compliance Period for Registration and Product Listing (December 31, 2016) and section 905 of the Tobacco Control Act, we have successfully received our Tobacco Product Numbers (approximately 1800) from the FDA.

July 25th, 2016; Contact us for our General Certifications of Compliance Pursuant to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) product safety regulations 16 CFR Title 16 Part 1700 (1700.15 / 1700.20).

It only takes 100 units and a commitment to doing

the right thing for your customers to get started.

Unfortunately, due to the current nature of this industry, not all retailers will qualify to sell our products. Additionally, we do not work with distributors, nor anyone who's sole interest is profits over consumer health and safety.

Just like all of our current wholesale partners, it starts with a phone interview. Click here to contact us to schedule your initial interview.

When it comes to supplying customers with vapor choices, make sure their first impression is your best impression: choose Worlds Finest Vapors for repeat sales and happy customers.

Worlds Finest Vapors aren’t like most vapor liquids, and for good reason. We only use the finest USA made pharmaceutical grade components and USA made natural flavor extracts. We do not use diacetyl, no synthetics, alcohol, water, sugar or lesser grade components and fillers. Every formula is engineering and overseen by Ph.D. Chemists. As a result of quality controlled manufacturing techniques – you’re getting clean and consistent product that is produced in an ISO Certified Laboratory right here in the USA with absolutely no overseas sources since 2009.

Working with a 100% USA manufacturer eliminates FDA & US Customs uncertainty you may encounter from overseas manufacturers. Things like delayed, extended, lost shipments, and US Customs confiscated shipments that will never be delivered are a thing of the past when working with a Premium USA Vapor Liquid Manufacturer. We are committed to the highest standards of quality and quality control, fast and accurate processing and only the research and development of 100% American made vapor liquid.

Dont be fooled by a tricky label.

In the vapor liquids industry you may find the trickiest of labels, but here is a look beyond the label of some of them. It’s important to note that all of these get a ride on a overseas container ship at some point, but most if not all with have a form of “Made In The USA” written on them.

  • Recipes formulated in the USA but mixed and bottled overseas.
  • Ingredients sourced from the USA and sent overseas to be bottled, tipped, capped and labeled.
  • Bottled for an American company, by a company that is located overseas.
  • A company based in the USA that buys ingredients from overseas sources.

Some of these manufacturers have taken "tricky" to a whole new level lately. Some have moved their Chinese operations to places like France, Germany and more. The same operation and lesser grade ingredients (synthetics, pesticide grade nicotine and more) - just a different location. All of this to avoid the dreaded "made in china" stigma.

100% USA Made. It's the only way to go. Here's what that means:

  • Ingredients – USA
  • Bottling - USA
  • Plastics - USA
  • Based - USA
  • Employees - USA
  • Everything - USA

It's not the cheapest way to do business, but in our opinion, it's the only way to do business.

By supporting 100% USA Made manufacturers, it not only eliminates potential safety issues, you are supporting our USA economy exclusively.

Your customers will love our all natural flavors, consistency and product quality. Excellence in customer service has been in our DNA since we were founded in 2009. Its why more than a third of our customers come from referrals.

Company Capabilities

  • Capable of producing 100K units per week
  • ISO Certified Laboratory (9001:2008) & Production Facility
  • Privately held, non corporate
  • Factory fresh
  • Fast 7 day (or less) processing from order to your door
  • 100% committed to Customer Service
  • Made in the USA, from products made in the USA
  • Validated formulas engineered by Ph.D. Chemists

Customer Service

You are assigned a dedicated representative from the time your order is taken until your order arrives. Once your order arrives, your representative (armed with our complete staff and supporting 3rd parties) will assist you the following and more:

  • Staff Product Training
  • Customer Product Training
  • Executive Level Business Coaching
  • Marketing Assistance, Website Development, Branding Assistance and more
  • “Vapor” Approved Credit Card Processing Resources
  • Store branding, effective retail product placement, and more

Over 70 flavors available and adding more as demand dictates. Our customers define our product line.

  • 7 Nicotine levels from 0 – 36MG
  • 10ml, 30ml, 50ML sizes available
  • High Density Medical Grade PET Bottle (Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET, sometimes called “PETE”)
  • 30ML Boston Round Glass Bottle (Type III untreated commercial soda-lime glass with above average chemical resistance.) 
  • Child proof cap
  • Tamper evident sealed
  • All natural, no synthetics
  • Fast 7 day (or less) processing from order to your door
  • Every order is produced factory fresh for you
  • Your order will have a lot number printed on each unit that is unique to that manufacturing run for your store

July 2015, Major Hardware Manufacturer selects The Master Chef Collection by Worlds Finest Vapors as the first ever 100% USA made product offered in direct competition with their own lines.

100% Made Vapor Juice Wholesale at Eleaf and Joyetech US

Available at Eleaf US, the manufacturer of the iStick, Lemo 2 and other popular hardware devices as well as Joyetech US wholesale. Joyetech is the manufacturer of incredible devices such as the eGrip, eGo One and more

Contact us for USA and International wholesale opportunities.


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