Worlds Finest Vapors is a premium manufacturer and supplier of the best eJuice and vapor liquid on the market.  We routinely receive top ratings by experts and consumers for our products.  Here are some of our recent reviews from Celebrities, customers, and others.

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7/22/2016 | Torri C (Alabama)

I just had the strangest coolest experience with your juice and have to share.

I'm using my rda today and the cotton was looking just a little dirty, I decided to indulge and use the last of my (Master Chef Collection) Cucumber Melon and now my cotton looks WHITE again ...

I know my cotton lasts longer and stays whiter when I use Worlds Finest Vapors but as I vape it my cotton getting cleaner looking? That's amazing!

7/14/2016 | Kathy G (California)

Thank you for all of your support but especially for making such a good product!  I wouldn't even try to quit cigarettes without your vape products.

6/13/2016 | Judy B (Indiana)

Those of you that have not tried the WORLDS FINEST VAPOR LIQUID - well you just don't know what your missing! Give it a try but let me warn you - once you do you will be HOOKED so don't plan on going back to your old brand!


3/1/2016 | Dale F (Pennsylvania)

I have been using WFV for the past several months. Their shipping is fast, orders are correct and their phone support is pleasant and informative. My favorite vapor liquid is the Tobacco Sweet and I happy to say that WFV is now offering it in a 30ml bottle.

I also appreciate their informative web page. In an unregulated industry, I feel comfortable using WFV products that are all natural flavors, the highest purity pharmaceutical grade liquid and nicotine, rather than experimenting with other dubious liquids.

I am also happy to support a veteran owned company.

1/22/2016 | Jill M (Oregon)

I want to encourage everyone else who is leery or questioning whether to try this company to GO FOR IT…You won’t find a better quality or taste anywhere else. I’m now a customer for life!! I’m certain that this product is so satisfying, I’ll be giving up cigarettes in favor of vaping. Plus, I love supporting a veteran owned business, especially since my job is working with veterans through the VAMC.Thanks so much for your great products! Please don’t ever stop making these!

9/21/2015 | Tom P (Tennessee)

I am proud to say I am cigarette free, 20 days. I am also vapor free 9 days due to a surgery. I will always have my vapor by my side, "just in case". I appreciate your product more than I can ever express from words. I tried for over half of my life to quit cigarettes, all I needed was your Vapors. Thank you from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. My heart will always be thankful for you "All", you saved my life.

8/5/2015 | Larry M (Tennessee)

Worlds finest vapors is the best juice available, hands down, no question about it. Marvel red (tobacco red) is a delicious, amazing, perfect full flavored tobacco flavored juice. Great quality every time and is always delivered to me within 2-3 days. I am not one to like other flavors besides tobacco red but I tried WFV Florida Orange and wow! It is very good and taste just like oranges. WFV is the the only juice I will buy now, amazing quality, delicious flavors, great customer service and I'm very satisfied with the juices. BUY WORLDS FINEST VAPORS IF U WANT THE BEST JUICE ON EARTH!

8/4/2015 | Sandra K (Virginia)

Something I noticed is since your vapor is so pure and natural, is that it doesn't have the build up on my ecig like people who are using "cheaper" juice :) Though your prices are great! Have a blessed day, my friends! :D

7/17/2015 | Debra S (Virginia)

Thank you for your wonderful products. I quit smoking cigarettes a year ago, after smoking for forty years, by using your products. I truly believe in vaping as a great way to give up cigarettes and I think it has to be safer.

7/17/2015 | Denise M (California)

I have been buying from WFV for 1 1/2 years now, and I would never buy elsewhere! These vapors are the very best, and the customer service is absolutely OUTSTANDING! There is no better company! Also, the delivery service is number 1 in the nation! Thank you for everything, World’s finest Vapor/USA!

12/23/2014 | Charles F (Maine)

Mind Blown. I was skeptical about vaping. Long time smoker and dipper. This product changed everything. First off the customer service is perfect. Quick responses and detailed communication. The package arrived in 2 days from CA to ME. I started with the Red Bull E-liquid and BAM it hits you at how amazing it taste, how quickly the E-Cig responds, and most importantly you can poignantly feel the purity of the product. 100% evident that this company prides itself on perfection and customer satisfaction. Nothing says it better than MADE IN AMERICA.

12/23/2014 | Tim S (Idaho)

WFV provides the highest quality and consistent liquids I've found. But what impresses me even more is their customer service and prompt shipping of orders. These reflect highly on an organization that I am extremely pleased to continue patronizing. World's Finest Vapors - the name rings true!

7/15/2014 | Kenneth & Linda A (Missouri)

World's Finest Vapors is THE place to go! Their vapors cannot be matched, their customer service is GREAT, and from the first time you purchase you'll feel as though you've made new friends. We are and will be repeat customers. Thanks for being there.

6/6/2014 | Tim S (New York)

I'd like to thank you for the great service you have given each time I place an order, you guys are the best! When anyone ask me about my e-cigs I tell them go to world's finest vapors - you'll be glad you did.

4/18/2014 | Lynn M (Texas)

I have smoked marlboro lights for 20 years. I have been wanting to quit smoking for the last five years now. A friend of mine introduced me to World's Finest Vapors. I admit i was skeptical. I bought a vaporizer and the company's version called marvel light. It took a couple of days to get the hang of it. But i thank GOD everyday i found this product. I was sold on being made in america and being 100% natural; and the taste and aroma is awesome. I have been using this product for three months now 3-4 times a day and i have lost the need for a regular cigarratte. I tell people everyday about what this product has done for me and hopes that others will try it too. Thank you World's Finest Vapor's for saving my life, my marriage and my pocket book.

4/15/2014 | James G (California)

As always, the service is great and the shipping was fast. I like fruity flavor and Sweet Red Apple is my favorite. The flavor is great. Keep up the good work!

4/15/2014 | Terence S (New York)

Thank you WORLDS FINEST VAPORS. The service I received was outstanding! So glad I found your website. You guys are the best !! Have an awesome Day.

4/15/2014 | Paula R (California)

Compared to others that I have used this is the best by far.

4/15/2014 | Chris C (Alabama)

All I can say is WOW! Outstanding shipping time and great customer support. I definitely recommend Worlds Finest Vapors to anyone looking for a superb alternative. I’ve tried other “e-cigs” and there is just no comparison to these products. And they are made in the USA and that puts them over the top! Thank you!!!

4/15/2014 | Emily R (Colorado)

My husband doesn’t smoke, but I do. This is so similar to Marlboro Reds that I’m committing to quitting regular cigarettes. Thank you Worlds Finest Vapors!

4/15/2014 | Ashley A (Georgia)

I can tell the difference between natural and synthetic. If all of their products are made with natural extracts I cant wait to try them all!

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